Commercial Auto Insurance

What Is It?

Companies need to protect the automobiles in their fleet, which is why you want to consider a commercial vehicle insurance policy. This policy is essential for any company that has vehicles or a service that includes passenger or goods transport. The policy protects the company by paying for personal injuries or damages that are the result of an accident.

How Does It Work?

If there is an automobile accident involving one of your company cars, then your insurance policy can protect the company and its finances. Whether another car is damaged, someone’s property is damaged, or another person is harmed, a claim would be filed with the company. They will then analyze the damage that has occurred and authorize a payment that should cover repairs, property replacement, and any medical costs that are associated with the accident. The policy protects other people, as well as your car if someone without insurance should hit the work vehicle as well. Losses can be recovered if you have your own policy.

Types of Coverages

Many types of commercial auto insurance are available, which is why it is important that you evaluate your company’s needs to determine the policy that you need. Most drivers choose a liability-only policy that will cover any damage that they do to others, while some will choose full coverage. Policies may include medical expenses or they may not. Having a low deductible could mean more in payments, but it can save your company money if repairs need to be made. The limitations of your state will dictate the lowest level of insurance that you can purchase. Then you discuss your policy with an insurance agent to find the one that is custom to your own needs.

Most U.S. states consider commercial vehicle insurance a legal requirement. This means that you want to be sure to find a company that will explain your choices and aid you in determining what policy is best for your business within the budget that you have set. No business owner should lose it all due to an accident that happened with their company car. Protect your company and your future by enrolling in commercial vehicle insurance.