Umbrella Insurance

What Is It?

An umbrella insurance policy is personal liability insurance for someone who has spent a lifetime building up a large net worth.

An accident can occur anywhere and at anytime. The more money and assets that you have, the higher the amount that the injured party is likely to ask for if they sue you. While you may think that people are not dishonest enough to do this, it does happen, and you want to be prepared for that with an umbrella insurance policy.

How Does It Work?

While your auto insurance policy will cover your expenses within a reasonable limit, if you are worth much more than your maximum liability limit, the injured party can sue you for even more money. If they have any inkling that you have a high net worth, this is even more likely. While you could increase your maximum liability limit, this can be quite expensive and it could end up ensuring your car for much more than it is worth.

An umbrella insurance policy is a good option. It has a low premium but offers quite a bit of coverage. For example, Allstate offers an umbrella policy for $180 a year (approximately) that offers a one million dollar policy. Depending upon your own net worth, you could need even more coverage, which is available at a very good cost as well, especially compared with the risk that you are trying to avoid.

No matter what your income is or your net worth is, an umbrella policy can really be a great purchase that can protect you in the future. Whether you have a net value of three million or of one million, protecting your net worth is essential. Purchase an umbrella policy to ensure that your finances are protected for now and in the future.

If you have any net worth that can be targeted, you want to be sure that you take out an umbrella insurance policy to protect you from those who are less than honest. Don’t let yourself be taken to the cleaners for a simple car accident. Protect your finances, so that they will be there to take care of you and your family.