Condo Insurance

What Is It?

Purchasing a condo can be one of the largest investments that you make in life.  Unfortunately, there are numerous disasters mother nature keeps in store that would love to rip your accomplishment from your very fingertips.  In order to prepare yourself for the worst, you must put Condo insurance on your side.  Condo policies will protect your personal possessions from the claws of disaster in addition to individual components of your unit that can be damaged from all sides when things go wrong.  Something as simple as a leak above your head can turn disastrous quickly when there is no policy backing you up.

How Does It Work?

People generally make additions and improvements to their condos over time.  The right insurance policy will take your upgrades into consideration and protect them as time moves forward.  Condo associations will cover the damage that can occur to the property as a whole, however, you are responsible for your own personal property, upgrades, and the legal protection of others people entering your condo.  A great policy will protect you against hail, fire and lightning, plumbing disasters, and damage from ice as well.  Coverage for your condo can be personalized to a high degree, allowing you to choose from policies that include protection against vandalism, broken glass, the bodily injury of others, liability for property damage, and the replacement value of your primary dwelling and permanent attachments.

Condo Insurance plans are often referred to as HO6 policies, and they are designed to cover your belongings on top of the specified parts of the building that you own.  These kinds of plans are similar to those offered to homeowners with very few differences.  Condo insurance gives you more flexibility when it comes to your level of coverage.  You can opt for only protecting personal possessions or increase your coverage to a level that makes you comfortable rather than insuring the entire property yourself.  Anyone who cares about the future of their home and their investment should immediately explore the options available to them.  A rainy day looms on the horizon, but the right protection extends the umbrella you need ahead of time.